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Meet | First Stone Venture Partners

First Stone Venture Partners, FSVP, is a venture partnership founded by entrepreneurs who have invested their own capital. Our goal is technology-based innovation in rural communities.  As an early stage equity investment fund based in Picton, Ontario. we will co-invest over a two year period with Upper Canada Equity Fund (administered by PELA CFDC) in 25 technology ventures that will locate in Prince Edward County.  
Unlike traditional venture capitalists who focus on company sale/exit for investment return, First Stone Venture Partners and PELA CFDC have created a $10 million private-public co-investment model with the goal of building sustainable companies to boost economic diversity in rural Ontario.



We foster excellence by arranging speakers to visit our Innovation Centre to educate our entrepreneurs on topics such as sales, human resources and leadership.


At First Stone, we host monthly CEO lunches where all our entrepreneurs convene for an hour of strategy and idea sharing. With all of these amazing entrepreneurs under one roof, connecting and sharing ideas is the first step to leveraging each other’s strengths.


Our team of investors has a diverse background in technology, engineering, IT infrastructure and development, PR and communications, law, software, sales and finance. We’re here to support our portfolio companies in all areas.


FSVP maintains a variety of strategic corporate relationships with major industry partners for services such as cloud hosting, marketing, software development and shipping.